“ICE Athletic” and its unique formulation has proven to offer tremendous pain relief for Athletes suffering from old as well as new aches, pains and bruising to their joints and muscles. Simply apply “ICE Athletic” Topical Pain Relief Formula with its convenient massaging roll-on bottle to the area of pain or discomfort and enjoy Long-lasting Cool, Soothing and Relaxing Pain Relief. Best of all, no mess or hand washing required so you can use it anywhere/anytime.
“ICE Athletic” is the first topical pain relief formula designed specifically for both men and women athletes offering a soft baby powder scent as well as our regular scent. “ICE Athletic” is formulated using the purest form of ARNICA MONTANA, which has been widely used and accepted in holistic medicine for addressing problems related to rheumatoid arthritis and soft tissue trauma/bruising. In addition, “ICE Athletic” captures the benefits of Willow Bark and Meadowsweet offering additional holistic benefits recognized for pain relief as well as Witch Hazel when combined with “ARNICA MONTANA” offering an excellent topical remedy for treatment of bruising and sprains. “ICE Athletic” allows an athlete to focus on the GAME and not the PAIN.